Cult Classically

You said, “Let me love you, forward & backward, what makes you tick?”

I said, “Never odd or Even. Read it like a palindrome. Clever but I’m not romantic”

You said, “Fine.”

And stayed all night


Slept late, took a thousand

Headache, like a mountain



Where’d we go? High walking on a tight rope

When we’re talking I release serotonin

As above, So below


When I get full grown

Separate me from my phone

Lemme know you, but off-screen




(But) I would climb to you

Falling is harder done from the roof

The roof


Frank on repeat

I could make a key

You already stay at my place

You paying rent is

Cutting into our) wine budget


Slim other days

Heard you in the Hall

Hum along to Rose Marie

Babe, we oughta be

Celebrated always cult classically