I could be wrong, on a number of things

But I’ve seen Stockholm & I’m enamored with it

Come test me, I gotta beat a machine

Reverse John Henry, getting hammered


Let’s go out, Imma be carded now

Come of age, bloody sound

Somebody cauterize my mouth



We grew legs first, tails the color of sea

So long sweet comfort, making landfall was hard

I love you…are you thinking of me?

If so, then me too

If you’re waking, sand all these boards down

We can place a house

Make a drink

We can put it down

Neat & all on the rocks


I’m no less confident

I just know less

When I think, all of it, coming down, well, hahahahaha

I could be wrong


Anyway it’s okay, I’m sanguine

No matter what y’all can say, I’m changing

How about You fess up, get moving

 You are not less in love for losing


Do you feel good?

Do you feel it?

My skin crawls under y’alls grip

Ain’t it checking out time at the Hyatt hotel?

Are they making exceptions?

I just woke