“Eloise Preamble”

Gallop ahead, blink of an eye

Thorough the bread

Winners are fine, leave em for dead

We got a mind to go

Get a buzz off a deity

Sober up in your clutch is a remedy


Bitten me once, doubly shy

Double the guns

Helluva sight, barrel of fun

You and I

Won a badge on the radio

Pin it up hear us in the mirror go


We could be a gunfighter

Unlatching all the bailing wire

Eloise, lemme see your sweet face

Come face me


Chin up! We’re young & in the dark

We saw him resurrect in a muscle car

There was an Oracle

We heard there was a light show


Hotter than a June kiss

I’m blushing a shade of licorice

Croon with your night lungs

That old Cicada love song


Holy broken Heart

A meaning-well American Abattoir

You’re around us, oh

Be around us


Someone close our eyes

Make it so that we can find you

In our imagination

A magic eye

In the photo under

We look like a gunfighter

Modeled after Autry

Or maybe Annie O

And we can trick shoot bottles

And everyone aims slow


Oh, c’mon

Be a gunfighter baby

With you

We could be a gunfighter

For always

We could be a gunfighter

Oh Oh Oooooh

We could be a gunfighter