Long Gone

When do you want my love?

Do you wanna do-over this life?

Baby, good times Lazy Susan everyone

Knowing it don’t make it hurt no less

Do you really not know I hold you close?

Well I hope your troubles get gone


Make it long gone, long gone


With your body stop-motioning

Do you ever get lost on your own?

Go test your might easy metal

See if you don’t end up un-broke

Yes I hope, even if your worry burns your home

Your regret is all gone

Long Gone


May I put on a butcher’s apron?

May I carve upon your loud self doubt?

With the weight of all that gone

I bet you feel light

So light

So very much like it was

When do you want my love?

Is your fear gone?


Make it long gone

Make it long gone

Let em all go in a fur coat

Let em all take off

Make it long gone

Long gone



Gallop ahead, blink of an eye

Thorough the bread

Winners are fine, leave em for dead

We got a mind to go

Get a buzz off a deity

Sober up in your clutch is a remedy


Bitten me once, doubly shy

Double the guns

Helluva sight, barrel of fun

You and I

Won a badge on the radio

Pin it up hear us in the mirror go


We could be a gunfighter

Unlatching all the bailing wire

Eloise, lemme see your sweet face

Come face me


Chin up! We’re young & in the dark

We saw him resurrect in a muscle car

There was an Oracle

We heard there was a light show


Hotter than a June kiss

I’m blushing a shade of licorice

Croon with your night lungs

That old Cicada love song


Holy broken Heart

A meaning-well American Abattoir

You’re around us, oh

Be around us


Someone close our eyes

Make it so that we can find you

In our imagination

A magic eye

In the photo under

We look like a gunfighter

Modeled after Autry

Or maybe Annie O

And we can trick shoot bottles

And everyone aims slow


Oh, c’mon

Be a gunfighter baby

With you

We could be a gunfighter

For always

We could be a gunfighter

Oh Oh Oooooh

We could be a gunfighter

Don't Wanna Be Without Ya

Say…What if we reincarnate

And whatever god said, “it’s your turn for choosing”

Would you rather come back, be born in a circle?

See the oldest garden, the crescent is fertile.


Or would you prefer to see life underwater?

Only knowing oceans, have hundreds of daughters

There’s a part of hope that is sewn in this theory

Give me any species and keep yourself near me

Make it easy


I don’t wanna be without ya


If you start over, can I redo mine too?

Anything you become

Lemme run beside you

(Go a little bit farther)


So what if


I managed to mess up a sequence

And I had to come back as one of your hairpins

I know that the morning I’m born in your tresses

Would be more than worth it adorning some Goddess

Being honest


I don’t wanna be without ya


If you start over, can I redo mine too?

Anything you become

Lemme run beside you

Go a little bit farther


Put it on me

Every night

You shoulda died

For a better view of the moon

Back of your belt

Held on tight

But I fell with you

I could see us being young lovers in a fable

That could be us, it could

Over and Over

Becoming, Become


Menagerie, imagine me babe

Cult Classically

You said, “Let me love you, forward & backward, what makes you tick?”

I said, “Never odd or Even. Read it like a palindrome. Clever but I’m not romantic”

You said, “Fine.”

And stayed all night


Slept late, took a thousand

Headache, like a mountain



Where’d we go? High walking on a tight rope

When we’re talking I release serotonin

As above, So below


When I get full grown

Separate me from my phone

Lemme know you, but off-screen




(But) I would climb to you

Falling is harder done from the roof

The roof


Frank on repeat

I could make a key

You already stay at my place

You paying rent is

Cutting into our) wine budget


Slim other days

Heard you in the Hall

Hum along to Rose Marie

Babe, we oughta be

Celebrated always cult classically


Think ye not of

Earthen autumn things

On your lonesome

To a neighbor bring

Any dream that keeps you from sleeping well

Be it Hell

Or if it be glory



Science Fiction King!

We come after, yes

In a rocket bring

We ourselves & naught else, save cosmic


This frontier must

Greater commission be!


Heal me by degrees

Fear is founded, be thou grounded

Heal me by degrees


Dost thou not feel fed?

Manage tempest, sing!

From a space ship bed

Manna, blest, our voyage brings

Hallelujah, praise every star crossed


Try? We all did!

C’mon darkness calls



Heal me by degrees

Fear is founded, be thou grounded

Heal me by degrees


My ear, your breastbone

Feel your chest go

Running in an open swing


Bury me underneath the tongue

Of some

Poet you’re thinking of

Recuerda Recuerda


“We’ll see, cradle my cheek, corazon y Suerte!”

You tell me now

You are devout in a way that counts

I’ll be your bloodhound

Remember remember


I know how to stick (oh)

I’m on the grey dog One-way

Honey this is it

We can choose happy now, happy now

And now and now and now and now!

We can be happy now!


There will come a run of loving someone

It’s a kind of singing, but bilingual now!

Be learning how we can all swap mouths

Come lay your head down

Recuerda Recuerda

Remember remember

You sleep with an accent

You murmur I heard it

I listen, you talk

I Memorize all

I can hold oh oh oh o!

-Ooh ooh ooh-


You wanna learn the ones you love

Let everyone you love learn you

Whoever you think of

Hold on & mean it


I know a kiss

Was a somersault

What my stomach did

Memory followed

So I’ll say



One day, in your overalls

Belated Free-Agent

You came into my life and wandered off

You came and wandered off

Mmhmm mmhmm


Lightly, on my shoulder crawls

A ladybug waiting

To wade into the night and wander off

To wade and wander off

Mmhmm mmhmm


Fly on, Hannah, Float on

Wade into the night

God Knows that I can take it

Good Love moves on

Maybe we can too

Mmhmm mmhmm


When I’m waking up

For a while

Won’t I reach out?

Shouldn’t I?

I’m gonna be alright


Heavy, like a boulder falls

Irradiant, maybe

You faded into light, meandered off

You fade & wander off


I could be wrong, on a number of things

But I’ve seen Stockholm & I’m enamored with it

Come test me, I gotta beat a machine

Reverse John Henry, getting hammered


Let’s go out, Imma be carded now

Come of age, bloody sound

Somebody cauterize my mouth



We grew legs first, tails the color of sea

So long sweet comfort, making landfall was hard

I love you…are you thinking of me?

If so, then me too

If you’re waking, sand all these boards down

We can place a house

Make a drink

We can put it down

Neat & all on the rocks


I’m no less confident

I just know less

When I think, all of it, coming down, well, hahahahaha

I could be wrong


Anyway it’s okay, I’m sanguine

No matter what y’all can say, I’m changing

How about You fess up, get moving

 You are not less in love for losing


Do you feel good?

Do you feel it?

My skin crawls under y’alls grip

Ain’t it checking out time at the Hyatt hotel?

Are they making exceptions?

I just woke