7 O'clock News / Silent Night

In 1966 Simon & Garfunkel recorded "Silent Night" & invited a newscaster to join them.  They asked him to read the news from one day of that year. The result was a track where a peaceful 2 part harmony fights to be heard over the ever-increasing volume of tragic headlines. 50 years later, at the close of 2016, singing the words "All is calm, all is bright" seems partly disingenuous. Because it's not, is it? Yes there is joy that's breathing, and yes there are things to celebrate, but there is also mourning & fixing & justice & love that's needed.  So we give you this song as a reminder, half a century after the original, that we all have work to do. 

Our version of "Silent Night/7 O'Clock News" is built out of some of the major headlines from 2016.  The song would need to be much longer to include everything. We sing this song to remember how laced with hope we are. Even when worry is so loud.