In case you're interested: Each month this is a list of what we (Andy & Kyle) are reading, watching & hearing. Each one has a link where you can snag it for yourself if you're so inclined. Here's to hoping that some of them are good to you like they've been good to us. 



For reading

How The World Works
Noam Chomsky

The Illustrated Man

The Death of Ivan Ilych
Leo Tolstoy

For Listening


For Watching

"The West Wing"


For Reading

The Halloween Tree

Dark Tower Book 5: Wolves of the Calla
Stephen King

Nayyirah Waheed Poetry
Nayyirah Waheed

The Books of Blood
Clive Barker

For Listening

Child Ballads
Anais Mitchel & Jefferson Hamer

For Watching

"Don't Breathe"
"The OA"
"The Magicians" (on SyFy)
"The Troll Hunter"
"Shark Tank"